Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New house equals new job?

Coincidental but the last time we moved, my contract wasn't renewed and I had to look for a new job. Well, we're moving again (more on that later) and again my employer informs me that they're not renewing my contract after 2yrs. So here we go again, I'm looking for a job again.

Daphne and I are moving into a house. The townhouse was nice but with the kid, we decided it was time to get back into a house. I don't look forward to mowing the lawn or shovelling the snow but the thought of having a garage and a bigger place is enough to convince me. We closed the deal on the house just 2wks ago and renovations started last Tuesday. Huge renovation happening. Daphne is going nuts on this one, she's a bit stressed with all the planning and organizing but I'm sure it'll look great when it's done. Hardwood floors, new carpeting for the upstairs, tiles, entirely new kitchen, added skylight and every bathroom is being done...cabinets, fixtures/faucets, everything!

One last thing to mention. Sold my car *sniff*. Really didn't want to sell it as it's a really fun car but I have other plans for a car so I figured I might as well sell it before the summer was over. The gas prices are really taking a beating on Daphne so she's giving me the FX35 and we bought her a '01 Golf 1.8T. Really nice car actually, I looked very hard to find a 1.8T in 4dr, automatic and this one has low mileage with lots of options. I'm gonna chip that puppy to 200hp. Don't tell her though *wink*