Thursday, November 08, 2007

Switching to my MacBook Pro for fulltime use

Finally have time to setup my laptop (MacBook Pro) for development after upgrading to Leopard (OS X 10.5) this week.

Fink or Macports?
In setting up Postgresql, I found several helpful links on the web for installing it but I found some used fink and some used 'port' (macports). I'm pretty sure these two packaging systems provide the same functionality but is there a preference for one? Is one more up-to-date than the other?

Where the hell are my configuration files for postgresql? I'm trying to confirm what port (s/b 5432) it's running on and also make sure it's enabled for remote connections.

Leopard is great so far. I'm finding the Spaces (virtual desktop) extremely productive for grouping applications on different desktops. Even with my 24" lcd, having this is a lifesaver as it keeps each desktop less cluttered when I'm running everything under the sun (remote desktop to my XP box, vmware fusion for those must have apps, numerous terminals, iChat/adium, safari/firefox, etc).

I bought the Apple wireless keyboard (thanks Scotty G) and started using it last night. This thing is sexy but I'm not sure I like having it so small. Size does matter! Also, I really really wish it had a numeric keypad. I knew it didn't beforehand but figured I'd rather live without it then have to buy a Logitech wireless package.

Just need to bump my ram up to 4gb now and this thing will be rocking.