Friday, September 10, 2004

Hey George W...we got some G.M.D

Yes, that's Genocide of Mass Destruction happening in Darfur.

It is sickening to read about the happenings over there. Especially in light of the fact that the most powerful nation on this planet isn't doing anything about it because they are busy filling their pockets with black gold over in Iraq.

Here's a quote from the Globe and Mail newspaper, "The United States has proposed a draft UN resolution threatening oil sanctions against Sudan as a way to stop ethnic violence in Darfur.". Oh come on, TENS of thousands of lives have been exterminated and all you can do is threaten to stop selling them oil? Why does it always revolve around the oil?

Ok, I really don't mean to be distasteful here but what puzzles me is that if the Arabic militias have such an anti-black sentiment, why would they rape the women? Really now, if you hated a race so much that you didn't think hey deserved to co-exist with you on this world...why would you want to stick your d*ck in there?


Anonymous said...

America flat out cannot win when it comes to public opinion. As usual when some sort of threat arisies the masses turn to the U.S for assistance. The U.S. is now once again giving the rest of the world to take a stand and say that is a global issue an not a U.S. specific issue. Keep in mind there were 10s of thousands of lives taken by one man in Iraq, but some of our allies whom we have bailed out in the past refuse to support us. What are we to do?

I want the U.S. to aide in Darfur as well, but enough with the double standard. It's time for the world to unite on these issues, or in the very least to not fucking bitch about it when we do what must be done and take action.

Muslums could help a little too. Denounce these actions taking place and turn over terrorists

Anonymous said...

I think this is a perfect example of our hypocrisy. We say Saddam was an evil madman and it is worth every penny of 150 billion/year to topple him and maintain our occupation.

Yet when there is mass genocide going on, we don't do a goddamn thing except make stern phone calls.

Anonymous said...

"Muslums [sic] could help a little too. Denounce these actions taking place and turn over terrorists"

This shows that you don't have a clue about what's going on in Darfur. For your information, the Africans who are getting killed and raped ARE Muslims. This isn't a war about religion, or race for that matter, because the Sudanese Arabs are as black as any African. It's the same tribal shit that took place in Rwanda.

Wayland Chan said...

It is not a double standard that we're using to judge the US. But rather an example of the hypocratic policies of the US Administration.

Lee Grey said...

About oil:
Like it or not, oil is a vital part of the world economy and culture today. You can be as idealistic as you'd like, but without oil, there is virtually no transportation, among other things, which would bring our economy to its knees. How would people get to work? How would goods get from manufacturer to retailer? How would people get to the store to buy goods?

Oil makes the world go 'round, even if the thought of it sickens you. You could think of it like oxygen, or the stability of our economy. It is something fundamentally important, and the lack of it would have profound impact.

Secondly, what kind of accusation is that, that the U.S. is filling their pockets with Iraqi oil? Where did you get that from? Sounds like typical liberal propaganda.

About rape:
Rape, especially that kind of rape, is an act of violence, aggression, and degradation.

About George W. Bush and Darfur:
It was Clinton who let genocide go on in Rwanda without U.S. intervention, so trying to pin all the world's evils on George W. Bush is just not going to work.

Wayland Chan said...


My statement about "filling their pockets with black gold" was a metaphor for wreaking havoc on that country, destroying cities, demolishing crucial infrastructures and then sending your own people in to fix it. Come on now, you're not going to try to convince me that Haliburton is doing that work for free. Who do you think is paying for it?

Not really sure what point you're making about the rape. Rape is rape. Either way it's genocide and the USA are not doing anything about it.

I'm not trying to pin all the world's evils on Mr Bush. My point in this entry was that where there is true genocide and humanity crimes in Darfur, he isn't doing anything. Whereas, the war in Iraq is still forged onward despite the lies.