Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Inspector Gadget

It's about time I faced this problem and admit that I have an addiction. I'm afraid to say it but I have an addiction to electronic toys/gadgets/devices. My wife hasn't figured this out yet so let's pray for my sake that she doesn't read this.

Just last week I upgraded my cell phone to PalmOne's Treo 650. My ambition is to get WIFI working on this so I can install some VOIP soft-client and see if there's a viable method of using it as both a cell and VOIP device. So far no luck, the only WIFI hack (Shadowmite@treocentral) for this thing involves hi-jacking the network stack (so you can't use the GRPS data connection unless you hard reset the device). Either Palm One releases WIFI drivers or someone will hack it eventually, I'm willing to wait.

So how did I realize I had this addiction? When I took inventory of my current bag of goodies, it dawned on me that I might have a problem.

Let's see what I have:
-Treo 650
-Apple 15" Aluminum Powerbook
-XBox modded and running WIFI via a modded Linksys WRT54G router (this is great as I record TV programs with my PC's ATI All in Wonder card and then watch them upstairs using XBox Media Center)
-2 Linksys WRT54G router's bridged using Sveasoft firmware
-PS2 also modded
-20GB Apple iPod
-Canon Digital Rebel 300D + wasia firmware hack

One common theme amongst all these devices is the ability to hack/mod them. I'm not into the actual act of hacking them myself but I love the thrill of installing these hacks getting something extra for nothing.

Once someone figures out WIFI for the Treo 650, I'll dust off my Linux server again and continue playing with Asterisk to get a really cool VOIP setup going in my home.


Anonymous said...

Why did you get the Palm? The O2 mini is soooo much better..:-) Anyhow, keep us updated with your Tangosol implementation..Sounds like an interesting project you are working on...

Wayland Chan said...

The O2 mini doesn't support 850mhz which is the preferred band for my cellular provider.

Also, the mini costs like 50% more.