Saturday, March 24, 2007

Redhat's head getting too big for it's own hat

Looks like Redhat is putting down it's foot and trying to impose trademark laws to stop people/companies from using it's licenced trademarks such as Hibernate, etc. in advertising their services.

Read Ted Neward's post on it for more details here

Most interesting is this quote:
Although you may offer object
oriented relational database mapping training, you may not use the Hibernate name to promote and advertise your products and services.

So I guess we need to remove any references to their products from our curriculum vitae.

Look like JBoss is having a bit of influence over at Redhat headquarters since the buyout.

I hope the entire open source and developer communities stand up and stop supporting any of Redhat's products. Stop recommending it your organizations, stop submitting patches for their software.

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Emmanuel Bernard said...

Please read the clarification by Mark Webbink in the comments (

There have been lots of misinterpretations and misunderstanding.